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January, 2014 and Earlier

Pablo Alejo and his wife light their home using solar lights.
Why Solar Lights?
January 28, 2014 Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be providing an in-depth look at our emerging work in the GreenTech space. In part 1 of our ... READ FULL POST >
Anthony Bugg-Levine
Catalyzing Impact
January 16, 2014 If impact investors have investment dollars then why do they still need philanthropic dollars? Good question. Last week, Anthony ... READ FULL POST >
Nancy Swanson and a COMIXMUL community pharmacist.
Reflections on Impact
January 7, 2014 I was fortunate to travel to three countries recently with Lara Diaconu, GP’s vice president of the Health Services Fund, to meet ... READ FULL POST >