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June, 2014 and Earlier

Caroline Ashley presents on the Department for International Development’s (DFID) approach to impact measurement during a break out session at the ANDE annual metrics conference. Photo © Global Partnerships.
Measurement in action
June 18, 2014 It isn’t every day that you get to geek-out with a room full of people who spend their days trying to measure the often intangible ... READ FULL POST >
Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs logo
GP joins ANDE
June 3, 2014 What do we mean by impact? We have served over two million people through our partners since our founding in 1994. What does that mean? READ FULL POST >
Peruvian scenery
Going into the field
May 20, 2014 My job requires me to be an Excel and data nerd. You can usually find me wading through due diligence reports, financial statements ... READ FULL POST >