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September, 2015 and Earlier

Lack of awareness about the benefits of solar technologies and how affordable they can be is one of the barriers to adoption in Latin America. GP's partnership with MiCrédito has helped them hire a dedicated solar coordinator to educate clients, as well as import small solar solutions and make them affordable for families like Maritza's. Photo © Global Partnerships.
Solar Lights in Action
September 17, 2015 Don Roberto, our driver, stomps down on the accelerator but our car continues to roll downhill. We've lost traction on the steep road ... READ FULL POST >
Michaela stands in her textiles store.
Investing in Women
May 11, 2015 Crowding together, we squeezed inside of Michaela’s stall. Colorful hand-woven purses hung from wall to wall. Michaela, 52, and a ... READ FULL POST >